India mai aise 10 duniya se alag gaav! Reason toh jaan lo!!

India mai 6,50,000 mai se 10 gaav aise hai jo iss earth se kuch alag maane jaate hai. Inn gaav mai kuch khaas baat hai jiske karan unki alag pehchan nirmaan hui hai. Abhi example dena hi hai toh apna maharashtra ka shanishingnapur hi loo. Iss gaav mai darwaje hi nahi hai. Ghar ka important saaman chori ko nahi jayega ye vishwas kahi aur dekne milega?

If you decide to visit every single village of India and know people there, it will take several lifetimes. So, let us take you for a quick ride to 10 unique villages you won’t believe really exist!!

Shetfal, Maharashtra

Also known as the village of bachelors, this village situated in remote area had not seen any marriage from past 50 years. Poor infrastructure of Barwaan makes it inaccessible and unpopular among brides. The village has more than 100 bachelors lying in the age group of 16-80. Villagers are trying to improve infrastructure and they finally welcomed their first bride in March of 2017

Mattur, Karnataka

Sanskrit has given birth to many languages in India but unfortunately, very few percentage of people know and speak Sanskrit now. But the village Mattur has kept the old tradition alive as people here converse in Sanskrit on daily basis. People of Mattur are highly educated and they have at least 1 IT engineer in their home and they take pride on that. Many of them are also studying abroad also and are highly educated.

Mawlynnong Meghalaya

This small village in situated in East Khasi Hills was granted the title of ‘Asia’s cleanest village’. This paradise is just 100 kms away from Shillong. People here uses bamboos and other type of woods to build bridges and paths. A very beautiful place you must once visit!

Punsari, Gujarat

It is a unique village that has all the modern amenities in it. But it is developed in recent 10 years only what it looks today. It has WIFI, CCTV cameras, good education facilities, well-built toilets in each house, solar-powered street lights, good medical facilities, purified drinking water and everything we could expect while living in any developed city.

Hiware Bazaar, Maharashtra

Again one more village from Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. The village lies in region known for farmer suicides because of loans, crop failure and drought. In such a region, but still Hiware has no poor farmer and is considered to be the richest village of India. Out of 235 families residing here, 60 of them are millionaires

Kodinhi Kerala

This village in Kerela has more than 400 twins. It continues to be a big mystery for doctors and researchers around the world. It seems like a magic, that out of the 2500 people that are living in village, 414 of them were born as twins or even some are born triplets. Kodinhi Village is considered to be in highest twinning rates in this world. Till now, there is no scientific explanation about this magical twining rate.

Jambur, Gujarat

If you visit this village, you will feel like you are roaming among Africans. Here, people of ‘Siddi’ tribe live whose origin is from sub-Saharan African ‘Bantu’ people. The village is located near Gir forest which make you feel like you are living in an African jungle. The ‘Siddi’ tribe follows Most of the Indian rituals but they marry within their own tribe.

Mayong, Assam

This village is the called the land of magic and witchcraft. Most of us get feared and many of us also do not even believe when talked about magic and witchcraft. But this village in Assam celebrates the black magic. It has a community of more than 100-odd magicians. The villagers believe that they can achieve everything with the help of Tantricism, Magic and Witchcraft.

Shani Shingnapur, Maharashtra

Imagine yourself going out, or sleeping without locking the front-door? You cannot, right?? But there is a village called Shani Shingnapur in Maharashtra which do it daily because their homes and shops have no doors. Here, God Shani is believed to be the real guardian or protector of the village. People strongly believe that even if someone tries to steal something, god Shani will punish him with blindness. In fact, the village also has bank which is lock-less!

So, these are some very unusual places in our country. This is how much diverse our India is and yes, it is more diverse than what we thought of it. So put some of them in your bucket list and tell us how was the trip!

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