Sun touriism chi सखी मी....tour प्रवास होता. Phuket- Krabi दिवस फक्त.. 5 पण..या 5 दिवसांत...मला माझ्यातली मी उमगले... गेल्या 40 वर्षांत माझ्याच सर्वांसाठी करता करता, गेली 10 वर्षे माझ्या profession साठी झटता झटता...मी जे विसरून गेले होते ते मला या tour मध्ये उमगलं.. सोबत अवर्णनीय निसर्ग.. .... tour मध्ये आमच्या आतलं explore करण्यासाठी घेतलेल्या activities...त्या जिंकण्यासाठी आमची धडपड... सखी मी मधून मिळालेल्या ..कदाचित माझ्यासारख्याच कुठेतरी मन मारून जगत असणा-या सुंदर, प्रतिभावंत मैत्रीणी .... आणि Sun Touriism ने आमची केलेली शाही बडदास्त. .. ...यामुळे या 5 दिवसांत मला मागच्या आयुष्यात राहून गेलेल्या खूपशा इच्छा/ स्वप्न ( bucket list) पूर्ण करता आल्या... Thank you Nishitta ! for such nice,luxurious, and surprising arrangements.. co-ordination with local guide and everything you have done for us Dr. Ashwini Joshi
Just we had a family tour for Golden Triangle(Delhi-Agra-Jaipur) arranged by Sun Tourism, Pune. We as a family it was a first tour and this tour was customized H2H (Home to Home) tour. We just wish to express that, it was a great and amazing experience for us as it was really well organized and well coordinated tour. All timings were followed as scheduled and all drivers were very cooperative. Considering customer comfort as first priority, Tour Co-ordinator Sarika Kazade mam was always in touch with us to understand tour progress. But there are always Pros and Cons. Hotel accommodation provided for us in Agra and Jaipur was very good including service but Hotel provided at Delhi is quiet uncomfortable. The hotel provided at Delhi was situated in a prime location near by to tourists places and hotel service was also good, but the rooms of the hotel were too small. But Overall experience of the tour was Excellent and we enjoyed a lot. We really Thanks to Sun tourism and specifically Sarika Kazade mam for all the support for making our tour Beautiful and Memorable... Mandar Sapatnekar
We were 20 girls rocking with Nishitta & Sun tourism’s sakhi me tour 6 days in Phuket & Krabi. Each lady needs a me time for her mind piece and enjoyment .. !! she always thinks for family and kids first but on this Sakhi me tour Nishitta gave us each day enjoyable in different way ., !! Day wise activities and dress themes enjoyed a lot on tour..! Everyday there was some games arranged and prizes /vouchers everyone got ..!! local tour guide for us was always there to help..! Site seeing info she gave us well..! Indian and local food arrangement was good too ..!Hotels were selected in main area of city so easily we could go for shopping or for any other activities in free time! Services & Arrangements -5star. Happy with this tour and Sun Touriism Thank you Nishitta..!! All the very Best.!! Supriya Vaidya
It was our first experience with Sun touriism & the best thing was the commitment by Sun touriism which was up to the mark & we will surely get associated with you in future & recommend the same to our friends & relatives.Thank for all the support. Mr. Tushar Chaudhari
Enjoyed a lot ladies special tour to Phuket and Krabi in August 2019.Excellent Hotels.Hats off to your management Nishitta as always you were tourism deserves the tag line dil se dil tak......what was in our heart you managed for us in that tour. .We never thought that we were away from our family at all in those six days.Because of Sun tourism we had new women family.Thanks sun tourism for organising such wonderful tours.Three cheers for Sun tourism hip hip hurray...hip hip hurray...hip hip hurray....! Sonali Mapuskar
I am very much thankful to you and your all organising staff for arranging such a nice tour. This was our lifetime experience. As regards our group, it was coincidentally so homogenious that from very first day we were mixed up so well, as we knew each other since long. All ware very caring and helpful in nature. The tour was very well planned and conducted. Our group leader Rishikesh, was a genius. On very first day I had posted on this WhatsApp " इतका हरहुन्नरी लीडर दिल्याबद्दल धन्यवाद." He is very much devoted, well directed and doing his job with crystal clear understanding, no ambiguity. He made our tour memorable long life. I personally requested him to inform me about tour for leh ladakh in 2020. Thanking you and wishing you a very grand success in future. Hoping our bond to be fixed tight. Pramod Kuber & Manik Kuber
I had a lovely experience.Their hospitality as well arrangements were to the mark. I would surely advice people to consult and travel with them. Thank you so much Sanket Sir Mr Kishor Gawandei
Our tour was really planned very well we are enjoying a lot thank you Priyanka Mam and Sanket sir you next time sure we will plan our trip with sun tourism only Ms. Anushka Phad
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