The Reason Behind the Dome Structure of Temples

We call this method because the Pancha-gopura system which accounts in Shilpa Shastra and Vayu Shastra of Atharva Veda. Value of gas pressure is 1 atm or 760 mm of hg. But if you’re under the dome, which may be a hemispheric hollow pyramid shape pressure distribution changes, then you’ll not feel such a lot force on your mind. Because thanks to forming pressure get spread on the rim/circumference of the hemisphere of the dome.

According to Agama Shastra. Those materials or rocks which have the potential to capture and reflect the sound waves the foremost must be chosen to make temple domes. That’s why, once you enter any famous temple, you’ll observe silence and peace around you and therefore the most fascinating thing is, we feel COOL and temperature during a temple is often but the atmospheric temperature.

In all religious places the deity is placed at the middle of the dome which is during a pyramid shape and every one the electromagnetic waves are reflected to concentrate at this centre and therefore the Idol is charged.

These electromagnetic waves are produced by the chanting of any Mantra. So different mantra have different powers. So when any devotee touches the feet of an idol, it gets part of the charged power from the Idol, in whatever form it should be.

Same is that the reason why we touch the feet of our elders and that they bless us by placing their hand on our head It is a very scientific process which is given by ancient saints. Hinduism isn’t a faith. it’s how of life. a novel system bound with immense treasures of intricate knowledge of science.

We’re thankful to Agama Shastra for sharing such useful information with us.


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